Want to become a Millionaire? Go Big, have Luck, be Patient and get Going!

Although a million dollar is not what it used to be, I say a million is a million, and it still sounds cool and very cha-chingy!

Becoming a millionaire is still a dream for millions of us in this country and everywhere else you go-well, exception are those countries whose smallest denomination money starts at a million!  There is just something very cool about the word. If you were to ask people about having $999,999, I bet you it wouldn’t sound as cool as $1,000,000 even though only one dollar separates the two.

OK, so if having one million dollar or more is very cool, the next question is, how do we get there? Can a salaried 8-5 job get you there in one lifetime?


Now or later?
You can get to a million dollar using a short term strategy or a long term one. One that is very aggressive and ambitious or one that will take decades and requires a lot of patience.  If you want it now (requiring few months or years), you can be sure of one thing: your current 8-5 simply won’t cut it. You need something that can multiply your money quickly, such as an investment or real estate.  Once you make your first $100,000 for example, it will be much easier to multiply to $200,000 and so on… 

Individually or with a partner?
Are you doing this by yourself or with the help of someone else, say a business partner, a wife etc.? Certainly, having someone else beside you will make your job a lot easier, but at the same time, it will mean sharing that money with that person. So you may not be or feel like a real millionaire after all.  But as a challenge, having a business -or life- partner will make the job easier.  If you have a spouse who has a good job, you can then focus all your attention on your own high return-and high risk-investments, without having to worry about feeding the family and paying the rent.

How bad do you really want it?
If you ask 100 random people, almost everyone will tell you that they would love to be a millionaire. But the real question is, which one of these 100 people will actually put the effort to peruse the dream of having one million dollars or more? it is one thing to want it and quiet another to want it bad and work to get to it.  Unless you are lucky and win a lottery, the only way to get to one million is through hard work, persistence, patience and a very passionate drive to achieve this at almost any cost!

Can I get some luck with that?
If you ask or read stories of how some people got to becoming millionaires, and in addition to all the other traits they possesses, they generally had some luck on their side. Whether it is that deal that fell at the perfect timing, landing the perfect investment opportunity, or being at the right place at the right time, luck had a big part to play in helping them get to the top. Are you a lucky person? better yet, do you think luck is on your side? I know, some of you are probably thinking “I can’t just create my own good luck” which is generally true. But if you come to think about it, you can create some luck-or at least a perception of good luck-by thinking positively.  In other words, you create the ideal conditions or environment for luck to be on your side.


The cool thing about getting to a million dollar is that you can get to the next million a little easier. The money just multiplies easier than before.  But as I have already explained, getting to that million takes a combination of things, most of which you may already have, but all depends how you apply them.

Take it from me. I am not a millionaire, but I am working to get there. Hopefully in this lifetime. Ok, time to go check my lottery ticket for Friday’s draw.