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BudgetSense.ca is always looking for new writes and bloggers to write about Personal Finance and Budgeting. If you have what it takes, please feel free to submit your professionally-written articles, and after a review, your articles could appear on our website.

What is in it for you?

Although this is a voluntary opportunity and no compensation is given to publish your articles, there is a lot for you to gain. First, you are gaining exposure on a website that is read by hundreds of people, and be picked by different search engines.

By publishing your articles, you are also given the chance to link back to your own website, thus gaining more traffic to your site for free.

You can also use your work on our website as a reference point for a future career in writing or financing.

And many more benefits which will only become obvious over time, and as our website gets more and more visitors.

Email us at: moremoney@budgetsense.ca and let us know what contributions can you make. We are here to listen.

Posts with commercial links

Please note, while your article may contain links to commercial websites, there is a one-time fee of $10 to publish such articles.  Articles that have links to a personal blog are free to post (after a review)


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