Mastering Mistakes: Building an Effective Feedback System for Continuous Financial Improvement

Often times, we make mistakes in life but fail to learn from them or take any lessons. While making mistakes is not the end of the world, the bigger mistake is when we don’t take any lessons or learn from these mistakes. For example, financially speaking, if you took a credit card in your younger […]

The Smart Way to Save for Big Purchases: Strategies for Success

The Smart Way to Save for Big Purchases Strategies for Success

You’re cruising along with your trusty car, and everything seems fine. But let’s face it: in 5 years, you’ll eventually need to replace it. It may seem daunting to start saving for such a big purchase so far in advance, but here’s where you’re mistaken. Now is actually the best time to kickstart your savings […]

Combatting Inflation at the Grocery Store: Tips and Tricks to Save on Your Monthly Bill

Inflation has become a reality in every facet of life in the last 12 months or more, but it is nowhere as evident than at the grocery store. It is almost depressing to know that for the same budget, you are getting much less than what you used to do back in 2021 or beyond. […]

Breaking Free: How to Overcome Addiction to Lockdown-Era Apps like UberEats and TikTok and Reclaim Your Time and Money

How to Overcome Addiction to Lockdown-Era Apps like UberEats and TikTok

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives, forcing us to stay at home and rely on technology more than ever before. While platforms like UberEats, Amazon, and TikTok were already popular, they have become ubiquitous during the lockdowns, to the point where they are now virtually synonymous with the pandemic […]

Unlocking the Secret to Financial Success: the Power of Habits

The power of habit is a powerful tool when it comes to building wealth and be financially independent. By developing good financial habits, such as saving, tracking our spending, and investing, we can set ourselves up for financial success.

How technology can simplify your finances and even make you richer

How technology can simplify your finances and even make you richer

Imagine how banking used to be done just 10 years ago, never mind 20 or 30 years ago: If you wanted to send money to someone or pay a bill, you would usually have to go to a bank, thus wasting time and even gas driving there to do your banking. Yes online banking has […]

What to do with new extra money in your budget? The good and the bad!

what to do with extra money in your budget?

When new money comes to you or is freed up from your budget, you are free to spend it as you like, since it is your money after all. But there are better uses for it than to just spend it. Think of this as money you never had, hence it doesn’t make sense to just blow it on useless purchases

Maximizing your Wealth: Easy Tips to get the Most Out of Finance and other Books

Get the most of out reading books

Reading books is great but how much do you remember from them after you are done and what can you do to get more of out them, days, months and even years after you finish them? Read these tips to find out!

How to best use your Income Tax Refund?

How to best use your income tax refund?

Getting an income tax refund is great, but deciding what to do with that refund is even more important. What to do with it and how to save it, depends on personal cirmrutances, but some combination of saving for RRSP, paying down debt, general savings, would be preferable.

How to get started with investing for beginners

Investing for Beginners

It is safe to say, no billionaire – and most millionaires – would have reached their level of financial success, without some form of investment. Investment doesn’t have to be about stocks or mutual funds, and may include buying land, investing in a business, real estate etc.