2022 Showed me the Power of Emergency Savings and how Financially Empowering it is! 

Why an emergency fund is so important and liberating!

We have all heard of an emergency fund, where you set a set amount money on the side to use for a rainy day and the unexpected, be it expensive car repairs, medical bills, home issues or anything else that you couldn’t have foreseen and would cost money to tackle. And while most probably have […]

How small decisions can change your future in a big way

How small decisions can change your future in a big way

On October 31, 2015, I celebrated my 35th birthday. That was also the year I became a father for the first time. Needless to say, it was a year full of milestones and things to reflect on. That evening, after having taking my 6 month old son to visit relatives for his first trick-or-treating, I […]

Creating financial goals can help you get there easier, but there is an even better way!

One of my goals for 2022 is to get active with push-ups. To be more specific, I set to do 10 push-ups a day and increase that by 1 extra push-up per month. So for January, I started with 10 a day and I have since increased that to 11 a day for February. For […]

My money motto: “what do you have to show for it?”

Have you ever had a job, stint or contract, which is long in the rear view mirror, which you are not only happy it is in the past, but was a bad experience? We have all had these jobs and experiences. But not appreciating that job is different from gaining something out of it: if […]

New Saving Idea for 2022: ‘Junk to Health to Wealth‘

I am no slave to junk food. I may eat it once or twice a week, sometimes with the family. But despite it not being a daily habit, it still goes a long way towards causing damage to both my pocket and health, especially with the rising prices for food of late. So for 2022, […]

I was Determined not to Enjoy my Pay Increase

If you get a significant pay raise, what do you do with the extra money? Say you get a 10% raise or $5K, assuming that works out to $175-200 per pay. Do you just spend it? Do you allocate to a category in your budget? Or do you pretend like you never got it and […]

Creative and Life Shaping Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids in the Family

black woman giving gift to kid

Are you struggling with gift ideas for that kid who has everything already, at least materially speaking? have you already bought every LEGO set out there? If you have more than a few kids in the family, be it your own, nieces, nephews or your friends’ kids etc, then chances are you have already bought […]

My Daily Walks Make me Healthy, but even more Wealthy

My daily walks are more than for health reasons, they help me get wealthy and learn on the way too….

The best time to upgrade your resume and skills is when you are most stable at your job

laughing businesswoman working in office with laptop

When is the best time to update and polish your resume?  This may seem counter-intuitive but the idea is simple: do it when you are stable in your job and feeling good about your future than when you are desperate. In the popular book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ , Napoleon Hill argues that the reason […]

How I used two recent unrelated events to motivate me towards better finances, career and health

The field of self-help and psychology in general is full of different techniques, concepts and tricks to accomplish your goals, get more done, and make it easier to manifest more in life. Two recent, unrelated events, gave me the chance to use these tools and although both happened around the same time, the two are unrelated, but do at the end of the day help us get more out of life in general.