Want the Perfect Vacation without Breaking the Bank? Master the Art of Finding the Best Deals on Travel

How to Travel on Budget

Finding good deals on vacation packages, flights and cruises can be time-consuming and stressful, but by following some easy tips, it’s possible to have the perfect vacation at the most affordable price possible.

One Resolution for 2022 Transformed My Health and Wealth in a Huge Way – Discover How I Kept My Weight in Check and Saved $625 in One Year

In 2022, I implemented a resolution to cut down on junk food spending and save that money instead. I succeeded in sticking to my goal of only buying fast food once a week, resulting in 24.5 lbs weight loss and $625 savings. Better yet, I continued this success in 2023. This resolution proves that one effective decision can have a positive impact on multiple areas of life.

Being Selfish and Strict about this Habit will Guarantee you a very Wealthy Future and Financial Stability.

Always, pay yourself first!

There are many powerful concepts in the personal finance literature to get you to financial freedom, but none are as important as that of paying yourself first (PYF)

Have one main SMART financial goal for 2023 and stick to it no matter what

achieve your financial goals for 2023 the easy way

Setting new year resolutions can be fun and complicated for some at the same time. Make it simple by setting one main goal and stick to it no matter what.

Simple Budget Cuts you didn’t Think about which could Save you Thousands a Year

As inflation eats into our hard earned and saved money, it is time to fight back by making these simple but necessary cuts to our spending.

Money, Space, maybe even Time: Kindle E-Reader will Save you all Three!

Amazon Kindle E-Reader can save you time, space and money!

While some people still prefer the look, smell and touch of flipping through a physical book and having that cozy home library feeling, a Kindle E-Reader has a lot of benefits when it comes to space, time and money you could save

2022 Showed me the Power of Emergency Savings and how Financially Empowering it is! 

Why an emergency fund is so important and liberating!

We have all heard of an emergency fund, where you set a set amount money on the side to use for a rainy day and the unexpected, be it expensive car repairs, medical bills, home issues or anything else that you couldn’t have foreseen and would cost money to tackle. And while most probably have […]

Creating financial goals can help you get there easier, but there is an even better way!

One of my goals for 2022 is to get active with push-ups. To be more specific, I set to do 10 push-ups a day and increase that by 1 extra push-up per month. So for January, I started with 10 a day and I have since increased that to 11 a day for February. For […]

From a Midlife Crisis to a Midlife Investment: How One Reflective Moment Led to a Personal Decade of Financial Growth

On October 31, 2015, I celebrated my 35th birthday. That was also the year I had became a father for the first time. Needless to say, it was a year full of milestones, changes and things to reflect on. That evening, after having taken my 6 month old son to visit relatives for his first […]

My money motto: “what do you have to show for it?”

Have you ever had a job, stint or contract, which is long in the rear view mirror, which you are not only happy it is in the past, but was a bad experience? We have all had these jobs and experiences. But not appreciating that job is different from gaining something out of it: if […]