Having a Home GYM has Changed my Life in Unimaginable Ways

Back in the summer, I wrote about various things I have outsourced to do at home and which have been saving me thousands a year. One of these things that has made the biggest changes for me has been having my own home gym. This has not only saved me money and time, it has created a whole paradigm shift for me in ways I couldn’t even imagine before. I will try to go them below.

Let us start with the obvious ones: money and time

It is a no-brainer, having your own home gym – even a simple one – will save you a ton of money. First off, you are saving on pricey GYM memberships, which can average around $400-500 a year. Then you have to account for the cost of driving to and from the GYM, which adds to your expenses.

And of course, while money is a huge part of it, let us not forget the other big factor: time! Going to the GYM, spending time there, taking a shower and recovering after, then driving back home, all takes time. In fact, personally speaking and from those I have come to know, this can take up to 2-3 hours for every GYM visit. Think about that, you are spending a big chunk of your waking hours being tied to a GYM. Yes, having a GYM membership is a huge thing for our overall health, but that doesn’t mean any time or cost is justified. In today’s world where convenience and time are considered premium, it is time that we optimized the time we spend at GYMs.

The non-obvious benefits: health and fitness on demand

While I knew having my own job would save me on money and time etc., I wasn’t aware of other possibilities it would open up for me. For example, and while I was always active with working out before, there was always those things that came in the way, such as being tired, having no time, bad weather etc. Now, literally none of these matter, because the GYM is already home and I don’t have to worry about getting to it. This has been such a paradigm shift for me, that I don’t remember the last time I skipped being on my treadmill, since I got it over the summer. Really, I do it on a daily basis. Not only that, but I do it twice a day sometimes. And in addition to working out, I spend the time on the treadmill, to also listen to my favourite podcasts and reading on my Kindle E-reader. Yes, I could do these in a GYM or walking outdoor, but it is all so much easier at home, as you don’t have to remember to take these with you. As a result, my consumption of podcasts and books has increased tremendously since I got my treadmill at home.

It is a place to escape to, always there for me. Feeling stressed or down? I can go there. Just had a crappy day or ate too much? Go to my GYM and burn it off. Got an upcoming challenge or event to be ready for? use my home GYM to prepare. The weather is terrible outside and can’t go out? no problem, my GYM is just one floor away! The convenience is simply unbeatable!

Not Perfect but does the job!

I realize that while having my own home gym has changed my life in many ways, I do acknowledge it is not comparable to being in a real gym with access to different machines and weights. In other words, while I can use my home gym to stay in shape and build some muscles, I don’t expect it to make me a weightlifting world champion or give me a 6-pack. But, as mentioned, given my purpose for having this simple home gym, it is more than enough for what I need. It is also important to mention that while having this gym is great for convenience, especially during the winter, it is not a substitute for walking outside, where you get a lot more benefits and burn more calories in general.

In summary, my home gym isn’t just about weights and machines – it’s about reclaiming time, optimizing health routines, and creating a haven of convenience right at home. And of course, this being about finance and money, it is saving me a lot of money, and I couldn’t be more pleased and thankful.