Budget Sense is 1 Year Old: What have we learnt in the past 12 months?

Our blog is 1 year old! Thank you for helping us get here.

So, what have we (the bloggers and our readers) learnt? lots of things. Most importantly, things that will make a difference in your personal finance matters and at the end of the day put more money in your pocket.

Most importantly, a frequently recurring theme has been that of smart spending and efficient saving. You have to do your best to minimize your spending and maximize your saving. As you go along you will discover that this becomes easier, to the point of becoming a habit or a routine.  If you haven’t even tried toying with these fundamental and powerful concepts in personal finance, it is time you did.

When it comes to saving, anything and everything helps. Even small pennies and spare change.  In fact, we recommend you diversify your sources of saving for a better future.

We also learnt-and probably bored some people to death-about the very important and almost unavoidable concept of budgeting.  This whole blog is based on this powerful tool upon which any successful personal finance strategy would depend. We learnt that to manage your finances better and smarter, you have to have a budget. Once that budget is created, you then learnt to live with it, tweak it, update it and be creative with it to maximize your income value and savings.

Going forward, our focus and effort will continue to revolve around topics that help you get the most out of your personal finance. And we will continue to deliver that in simple and easy to understand language.

Please let us know if you have any topics you would like us to cover by emailing us at: moremoney@budgetsense.ca

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