Netflix, Starbucks, Amazon: the axis of time, money and space misuse

Netflix-Starbucks-Amazon : the axis of time, money and space misuse!

How to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic healthier wealthier and better overall

Make 2021 a productive year

If 2020 was defined by a pandemic and lock-down, and nothing else for you, you still have time to make 2021 better and more productive year. Start by set some goals or even short term objectives.

Addicted to online gambling? here is how I beat it and with ease!

How to beat online gambling addiction

I am no gambler or a gambling addict. I go to the casino when I am on vacation and happen to be close to a casino (Vegas anyone?) . And where I live, I rarely go to the casion. So the whole thing is like a novelty to me. However, ever since OLG (Ontario Lottery […]

The new gigconomy: more opportunities, less benefits, but more flexibility

I know a friend who has no real job. At least not in the traditional sense of the word, you know, the 9-5 one. But if you are talking gigs, then he has 3 of them going on at once. Maybe even 4 at times. Let us call him Mr. Gigsmith (name changed for the […]

Go ahead and forget about booking that trip abroad: you will benefit yourself and the economy

It seems like the Canadian dollar exchange rate vs. the US dollar has been stuck around 75 cents for ever! Well, it has been at this level for at last a year and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. And with the Canadian economy not doing so well of late and job numbers being […]

Our new and more effective approach to saving for 2017

Saving for 2017: a new more effective approach

Our family saving approach has been pretty effective, but we though it can get better, especially if we want to save to buy a new bigger house in the future. Seeing where house prices are heading, it will take a full and committed effort from both of us to save a good chunk for a […]

Reviewing the new Tangerine Master Card: spend and earn at the same time

tangerine money back master card review

Tangerine now its own credit card which it brilliantly like to describe as a card that lets you ‘Spave’ (Spending + Saving) . I have been using the Tangerine cash-back Master Card for a few months now and I really like what I see. Based on my usage of the last few months, I will […]

Where to find money in public? Let me give you three secret places that you are guaranteed to find money in!

3 places to find loose change money in public

What are the best places or spots to find money in the form of loose change in public? speaking from personal experience, the list of three places below is guaranteed to help you find money the next time you happen to be in one of them. Remember, take it only if the money can’t be […]

Why you should skip the ATM machine and self-checkout aisles at your next trip to the bank or retail stores

Self-checkout and automation are costing our society jobs

The banking industry is changing. It is currently undergoing one of its biggest shifts. The future is all about technology. Your bank’s mobile app is slowly but gradually replacing your visit to your local branch. And as more people become comfortable with banking on their computers and smartphones, there will be less and less need […]

How we paid off $6,500 in credit card balance in 3 months using one simple trick

$6,500 in credit card balance paid off in 3 months: using one simple strategy

There seems to be so many different creative approaches that people follow in order to pay off their credit card balance. We decided to come up with our own in order to eliminateĀ $6,500 in credit card balance. To begin with, it is notĀ that we weren’t already making payments to reduce and even eliminate our balance. […]