Where to find money in public? Let me give you three secret places that you are guaranteed to find money in!

3 places to find loose change money in public

What are the best places or spots to find money in the form of loose change in public? speaking from personal experience, the list of three places below is guaranteed to help you find money the next time you happen to be in one of them. Remember, take it only if the money can’t be […]

Why you should skip the ATM machine and self-checkout aisles at your next trip to the bank or retail stores

Self-checkout and automation are costing our society jobs

The banking industry is changing. It is currently undergoing one of its biggest shifts. The future is all about technology. Your bank’s mobile app is slowly but gradually replacing your visit to your local branch. And as more people become comfortable with banking on their computers and smartphones, there will be less and less need […]

How we paid off $6,500 in credit card balance in 3 months using one simple trick

$6,500 in credit card balance paid off in 3 months: using one simple strategy

There seems to be so many different creative approaches that people follow in order to pay off their credit card balance. We decided to come up with our own in order to eliminate $6,500 in credit card balance. To begin with, it is not that we weren’t already making payments to reduce and even eliminate our balance. […]

The one letter that confuses so many about TFSA and how to use them properly.

TFSAs are not only for saving but investing and trading as well

Do you know what TFSA stands for? ‘Tax Free Saving Account’ you say? you got it! But do you know what that means exactly? well most people think they know, when in fact they don’t. Why? the simple inclusion of the letter ‘S’ or the word ‘Savings’ throws people off. People assume and treat TFSAs […]

How I simplify my charitable donations and get a bigger tax return

Charitable donations: How to help others while getting a much needed tax credit.

Charitable donations are just that: it is a way for people to donate from their money to help those in need. That is how it should be treated and not a way to get a tax advantage. However, and having said that, the government does make it possible to get a tax credit in exchange […]

The shocking truth about your new year’s resolution: if you make it through January, it is a success

The easy secret to succeeding at your new year

Is it time they renamed ‘New Year’s Resolution’ to ‘January’s Resolution’? Let me explain… Increasingly, less and less people are making any new year’s resolutions. The reason is simple: before January is even over, they will have declared it a failure and just move on without their resolution for the rest of the year. Whether […]

How money I spend at the gas pump is financing my retirement

how my gas purchases finance my retirement

If you have a credit card, chances are you get some form of loyalty rewards for using it. Some get points, others get travel rewardss or airmiles while the latest craze is ‘cash-back’ credit card. Each has a preference and every card has certain advantages, but personally, I use the “Signature RBC Rewards Visa” . […]

New proven methods for saving gas

Creative tips to save on gas

The web is full of tips on how to save money on gas and have better fuel efficiency. Some are creative and can save you money while others are useless or we already know about. Here are some of my personal favourites which I apply myself. -Gravity is your friend: why even press on the […]

Nepotism in the workplace may be a good thing for the environment!

Hiring family members at the same company can help the environment

Nepotism can be bad, as it overlooks talent in favor of hiring and giving preference to those who are related to the people with power. But it can also be good for the environment, especially when family members work for the same company and share the same ride to work.  Nepotism can mean smart commuting. […]

How much do you owe your ‘wealth accumulation’ to psychology?

Ever read such books as ‘The Science of Getting Rich‘ or ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind‘? If you did, then you know what I am about to talk about: how much of your wealth accumulation do you attribute to your positive thinking, believing in the ‘Law of Attraction’ etc.? In other words, do you […]