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My Daily Walks Make me Healthy, but even more Wealthy

During the first few weeks of Covid19 lockdowns, our GYM shut down and it never came back. It simply went out of business.

Since then, and even before I realized our GYM wouldn’t be come back, I started walking and hiking and made it into a daily habit. In fact, I am currently on a 500+ days walking streak according to my Apple Watch, going all the way back to the start of summer 2020.

But my walks have become more than just about a daily health habit. They are much more. In fact, health is just one of the many by-products. They have become my personal Swiss Army Knife for personal, health and wealth growth.

First off, I wear my Apple Watch which helps me keep track of steps, mileage covered, steps and more. As they say, what you measure, you improve.

Next, while walking , I like to listen to my favourite podcast shows, from a variety of topics, including self-help, personal growth, finance, current events, health and more. Although I was into podcasts long before the pandemic had started, since then, I have become addicted to them, virtually replacing my radio and music listening time. And I am so glad I did, as I have gotten tremendous value from them, learning about so many different topics, and getting a lot of motivation and insights on the way.

I also like to spice things up at times and listen to music, depending on the mood, weather and other factors.

And last, I like to use my walking time to do quick reads and research on the latest stocks and finance news, researching my next buy, catching up on my portfolio and more. Think ‘Wealth Walk.’

It is a health walk that is jam packed with learning, productivity and more. In fact, I get so much out of these walks, I literally look forward to them, knowing how productive they are and how many things I get done at once (learning, productivity, wealth and health)