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5 Unconventional Job Search Strategies to Boost Your Career

If you are tired of a fruitless job search that has dragged on for months, it is time to start considering non-traditional methods of job search. This means to temporarily shift away from job boards and posting resumes etc. Instead, think outside the box, and hopefully this yields better results for you. Here are a few nontraditional methods to try. If you have one of your own, feel free to share it in the comments section below or tweet us @budgetsense_ca

Look for desperate companies

What the hell does this mean? Simply stated, this is companies that have had no luck in finding the talent they need and have to fill a vacancy in a short period of time or immediately. With such companies, you will have an easier time getting through and scoring the job than others that are in no hurry to fill in a vacancy.
The question is: how do you find these companies? Using online search and company website, look for companies that have keywords relaying urgency and immediacy. Another clue would be companies whose ad for the same job position has been on for some time: this is a sign that the job may have gone unfilled for too long, so it will be easier to get the job.
Note: such companies may also mean red flag, because the turn-over, for whatever reason, is too high, so they are constantly looking for people to fill in vacancies. In this case, it is important to do some research on the company.

Cold Outreach

Identify companies you’re interested in working for and reach out directly, even if they haven’t posted job openings. Express your interest and inquire about potential opportunities. Be sure to thank them for taking your call, making sure you don’t take too much of their time. With this in mind, have a quick ‘sales pitch’ about yourself in mind, and letting them know you will follow up with a resume to the company’s email. You never know what hiring needs they have that you are ready to fill. This will likely cost you no more tan 2-5 mins of your time, so you can easily do 5 or more companies in just one hour.

Reverse Engineer your Resume

Assuming you have a job type, career or industry in mind, scan at least 10-20 such job postings and look for common threads in qualifications, skills and experience needed and try to tailor your resume, as well as your qualifications and skills to match it. For example, let us say you are applying for ‘Corporate Communications Specialist’ related jobs and some of the required skills are in ‘communication’, ‘digital and social media’ , then be sure to get yourself familiar with these two if you are not already. If needed, take an online course to brush up on it, until you feel comfortable having it on your resume. Keep doing this until you think your resume profile closely matches what is needed for your desired or ideal job or career. You will not only go in to the interview with confidence, should you get the job, you will perform very well in it.

Let it be known through your email, social media and other outlets

Unless yo are keeping your job search a secret, go ahead and edit your social media profiles and email signature with the fact that you are looking for a job, specifying the industry or profession, your relevant skills and experience, all in a short 60 word paragraph or less. Also, be sure to include contact information and use relevant keywords wisely so that you get seen by more searches.

Use hashtags for social media searches

While this is not a secret, fewer people take advantage of using hashtags to search for jobs on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Tip: as you search using these keywords, try adding your city name to get more targeted results. Alternatively, you can add the words ‘Remote’ or ‘Hybrid’ if you are looking for more flexible arrangements.

  • #JobSearch: This hashtag finds extensive use across platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for the purpose of sharing job openings, providing career guidance, and offering job search advice.
  • #Hiring: Use this keyword to find posts and updates from employers or recruiters who are actively hiring for positions in your field.
  • #CareerOpportunity: This hashtag often accompanies job postings and can help you discover job openings in your desired industry.
  • #NowHiring: Employers frequently use this keyword to highlight immediate job openings, making it a valuable search term.
  • #JobSeeker: This keyword can connect you with fellow job seekers and allow you to exchange advice, experiences, and opportunities.

Incorporating these innovative job search strategies can help you break free from the traditional job search rut and discover exciting career opportunities. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, engage with potential employers directly, and leverage the power of social media to take your job search to the next level. Remember, your dream job may be just a unique approach away. Best of luck in your job search journey!