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From ‘Why’ to Wealth: A Surprising Path to Financial Freedom

Do you have a “why”? You know, the thing that gets you up in the morning and pushes you to your limit, no matter what life throws at you. It is that goal in life that propels you to work hard and have a hope for a better future. Some people may have one default and universal “why”, while others may have a different why depending on their different life domain; one for career, another for their finances and so on.

Personally speaking, the topic of my “why” has been a fascinating and compelling one for me ever since I started getting into the whole personal development journey. While different people may have a different “why”, it is almost universally accepted that freedom or financial freedom is one of those that many strive for. We all aspire to enjoy financial security, while having enough time to spend with family and friends and pursuing different passions and interests. For me, financial freedom is huge. While this may not necessarily mean retiring at an early age, I want to be able to have a sizeable passive income that can sustain me, even if I decided to quit my job or lost my job on day.

This brings us back to the topic of your why and how it fuels us. Although my life is in a very good position at the moment in terms of career, family and finances, I still find myself faced with situations that cause frustration and some hard decisions. But instead of letting them get to me, I use them as fuel to leap forward. As I mentioned in the title, every life frustration is a stepping stone towards my ultimate financial freedom future. For instance, our family car, despite its age, is usually reliable. However, it recently required several costly repairs. This got me thinking that my next car, hoping not anytime soon, will hopefully be as reliable and as financially efficient as possible. Same goes for any unexpected expense, rather than allowing it to affect me negatively, I use such chances to fire me up to work harder and harder towards achieving my ultimate financial why.

Do you have a strong ‘why’ in your life that drives you, even during the toughest moments when you feel like giving up and doing nothing? If so, that’s fantastic. Having a compelling ‘why’ is a powerful motivator, especially when it comes to achieving financial freedom, as is the case with my own ‘why,’ which helps me overcome many of life’s frustrating moments. When life throws you a fast curveball, having a strong “why” will help you

When life throws you a fast curveball, having a strong “why” will help you stay focused and resilient, enabling you to adapt and keep moving forward with determination and purpose.