Wealth and Health: more Related than you Think

Can good health lead to more wealth? Conversely, can being wealthy lead to being more healthy? There are a multitude of answers to these questions, but in general the answer is YES in most cases, especially when you take the time to analyze the relationship between the two (health and wealth)

Being Healthy is Good for your Money

For me personally, and for many more, the relationship is quiet clear. Being healthy is to follow a good exercise plan and eat healthy. Eating healthy often means staying away from junk food. By staying away from junk food, you are killing an addiction which forces you to go back to the drive-thu window over and over again. At the end of it all, this is just making you leak more and more money from your wallet. I don’t need to tell you that this series of related events is not good for you.

The Psychological Factor

It goes beyond just not eating junk so as to be healthy and save money. The psychological effect of this is even more profound and powerful.  If you get into the habit of working out and eating healthy, you will want to extend that to how well you manage your money and finances.  Just like you work out at the gym and shed lots of sweat to cut body fat, you will want to apply that to your own budget and trim any extra fat from it.  This can be in the form of these frequent stops at ‘McDonald’s’, ‘Starbucks’ etc. By avoiding these places, you are hitting two birds with one stone: trimming the real fat and trimming the financial fat.

Long Term Results

In the long term, and if done consistently, you should see both your health and finances moving in the same positive direction. You will also notice that as you work out harder in the GYM, you will also want to match that by saving your money and not spending it on useless and junk food.  Conversely, on days and weeks where I don’t make it to the GYM, I lose my focus and start to spend money on junk food again, which means losing money and gaining fat. The way to explain it, by not going to the GYM and working out, you are losing that positive energy and you end up making bad choices with your eating and diet.