Want to Have the Time of Your Life in Vegas without Going Broke? This One Tool Can Help in a Big Way!

Las Vegas and budgeting are not two words that you can`t easily mix. If you go to Vegas,you will have to open up your wallet and be ready to spend money. There is no other way to do it, otherwise you may just stay home and not bother going.

Or is there?

Yes there is! You can go to Vegas, have the time of your life, all without having to go broke or max out your credit card. I did it myself this past July and my main and only tool to achieve this is something anyone can have. It is something we all use.

The Spreadsheet is your friend!

Using a spreadsheet, you can plan your Vegas vacation in advance, up to the hour, to avoid any surprises or needless spending on things you didn’t plan. In my case, I divided my spreadsheet by days, including what restaurants and shows we would be attending, so we had a good idea how much money we would spend, so budgeting for it was easier. Of course, there are things that we didn’t include in our sheet, like gambling or impulse purchases, but even those were nothing that would break the bank for us.

To some, going to Vegas is all about surprises and going with the moment, so the idea of budgeting and planning everything sounds strange to them, and that is fine. Each does things differently. But for those who have a limited budget, it is best to plan and budget things in advance and save yourself lots of money.