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How to Talk to Your Money as if it is your Baby: The Surprising Connection to Financial Success

How do you talk a baby? You talk nicely and gently but also make sure your language is clear and repeated at times. That is how money works. We need to be careful with our language and approach it so we can establish a pattern and a relationship with money. In the long term, this ensure money is working for us, and is always there when we need it and more.

Spend money fast and you are giving the impression that you don’t want it.
Hoard the money too conservatively and you give the message that you love this money and are afraid it will leave you and never come back which is not what we want.
As money is simply energy that allows us to do and enjoy things, it is always there for us if we have the right mindset and approach to it. That is why it is crucial that know the right way to talk to it so that it is always there for us.

It may seem foolish that we need to approach money as if it is living thing but there is more to it. First off, money comes and goes. In fact, if you come to think about it, it is one of the fastest moving objects -if you want to call it that – in our life. One dollar could go around thousands of times a day, to be used to buy, exchange and accomplish so much. With that being the case, there is no better way to describe money than to call it energy; short of calling it a living entity. And as such, there is a few ways to approach it, the way you would approach and handle a child:

  • Clear Communication: Just as you use simple and clear language when talking to a child, use the same approach with your money and finances. Be transparent about your financial goals, and create a clear budget or financial plan to achieve them. The more clarity you provide, the better money can understand and support your objectives.
  • Repetition for Reinforcement: just as you would repeat instructions to a child, consistently revisit your financial goals and the steps you’re taking to reach them. This repetition helps reinforce your commitment and keeps you on track to achieve your objectives.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Children thrive on praise and encouragement, and so does your money. When you make wise financial decisions or meet your savings goals, reward yourself or your financial plan with positive reinforcement. This can motivate you to continue managing your money responsibly.

Moreover, it is about your mindset and subconscious. As you cultivate and evolve this approach to your money, so will your thoughts and patterns, to the point of putting things on autopilot. That is, even if you are faced with difficult financial times in the future for example, you will approach things with positivism, optimism and hope. And by doing this, you ensure money is always there for you and don’t drive it away.

By approaching your money with the same clarity, care and nurturing you provide to a child, you can develop a healthier and more productive relationship with your finances. This approach can lead to improved financial stability, better money management, and a more secure financial future.