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The best time to upgrade your resume and skills is when you are most stable at your job

When is the best time to update and polish your resume? 

This may seem counter-intuitive but the idea is simple: do it when you are stable in your job and feeling good about your future than when you are desperate. In the popular book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ , Napoleon Hill argues that the reason a lot of our prayers don’t get answered or fulfilled is due to the fact that we say them at a time of desperation, where the subconscious has a hard time reaching or connecting with God (Infinite Intelligence or Source Wisdom)

In other words and while this may not be practical for some, it is better to pray and express gratitude for your good health and fortunes in good times – and you will get more of it – than at bad and needy times, where the desperation and fear will manifest itself and give you more of what you don’t want, be it worsening health or lack of money etc.

So coming back full circle, how does this all relate to our career security and development? Just like you don’t pray only when you are in a crisis, you also don’t try to improve on yourself when you are out of a job and need one desperately. Instead, work on getting that certificate when you are most secure at your current job. It is the old adage: better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

So what are some things you can do now, assuming you have a job and are mostly stable in it?

-polish and update your resume, including your references

-update your certification or credentials. If you are in sales for example, see if there is a new sales certification that will put you at a competitive advantage for years to come.

-Write down a few words of gratitude about your current situation, repeating them while feeling emotionally good about it. This could be something as simple as ‘I am very thankful I have my amazing job , which helps me make a great living while also fulfilling my purpose’

As they say, what you appreciate, appreciates! And what better time to do this than when you are feeling your best?