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Reviewing the new Tangerine Master Card: spend and earn at the same time

Tangerine now its own credit card which it brilliantly like to describe as a card that lets you ‘Spave’ (Spending + Saving) . I have been using the tangerine money back master card reviewTangerine cash-back Master Card for a few months now and I really like what I see. Based on my usage of the last few months, I will try to summarize and present you with an analysis of this credit card compares to other similar credit cards.

Excellent cashback program

One of the main selling features of this card is its excellent cashback program. Tangerine has a list of 9 categories of spending, and you can choose up to 3 of these for 2%, with the rest paying 1%.  The 9 spending categories are illustrated in the graphic below:


Tangerine allows you to choose 2 categories of spending for which you will get 2% cashback. Or, if you agree to have your Money-Back Rewards deposited into a Tangerine Savings Account, you can get a 3rd category paying 2% cashback. Personally, I have 3 categories (Gas, Recurring Bills, Groceries) as I have figured these 3 are categories that can give me the most cashback possible, and I use them on a daily basis anyways, so why not?

Unlike a lot of other cashback reward cards out there, the Tangerine Master Card pays you every month. Once deposited, it is your money and you can spend it any way you like. Or if you prefer, you can use the money to pay towards your credit card debt. And it doesn’t end there. Unlike most cashback cards out there, there is no limit on how much cashback you can get with the Tangerine Master Card.


Online Card Management and Alerts

Being a pioneer of online banking, it was only natural that this credit card would continue Tangerine’s tradition of simplifying and making the whole experience very smooth. The new Tangerine Master Card is integrated with your existing Tangerine online account. So it is all there for you to see. The interphase is simple and user-friendly. You are able to see how much cash-back you earned for every purchase, with specific icons to help you identify which of the 9 categories your purchase belongs to. Tangerine also has a very cool ‘Alerts’ feature that lets you stay up to date with what is happening in your account, notifying you of purchases and transactions as they happen, for added security and peace of mind.