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How much do you owe your ‘wealth accumulation’ to psychology?

Ever read such books as ‘The Science of Getting Rich‘ or ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind‘?

If you did, then you know what I am about to talk about: how much of your wealth accumulation do you attribute to your positive thinking, believing in the ‘Law of Attraction’ etc.?

In other words, do you think that the road to wealth and riches starts from the brain and how we think about money? That is, thinking poorly ‘I can’t afford that’ will always keep you down while thinking positively about your finances ‘I pay all my bills on time’ will help you become better financially in the future.

Rich people didn’t just become rich by pure luck or hard work. For most, it started at their subconscious level or in their minds.

I would be interested to hear your stories and approach to riches and how much of it is due to psychology and having a positive affirmation approach? How much do you employ the concept of ‘Law of Attraction’ to gain what you need? For example, if you have a dream of buying a house by the beach, what steps do you take from a visualization point of view to attain your dream?